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Letter from Nomiki Dounis

Dear Mr. Zoumbaneas,

I want to thank you for all your insight, knowledge and patience in helping me not only understand but also learn the best strategies in dealing with dysfunctional eating and Type II Diabetes.

It is so important to have a well informed group of professionals, who are flexible enough to be able to adjust therapy programs—dietary, medicinal and supportive—in order to achieve the best results for their patients. After all, we are individuals, who although may have similar illnesses which are accredited to eating disorders, the roots of which lie deep inside each of us, but are diverse as we are.

About a year and a half ago, I was referred to you by my reflexologist as I was just diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. When I came to you I had a fasting sugar of 270 and an HAC1 of 10 as well as elevated lipid and liver function levels. The combination of excess weight—at the time I was 106 kilos, not my highest mind you, but also a strong family history of Type II Diabetes on my mother’s side, not only put me in a high risk category of getting the disease but also of developing serious complication related to the disease, thus I had to do something drastic.

In parallel to your eating plan and dietary supplements, I was referred to an endocrinologist, who started me on medication( 2 different kinds) and I also systematically went for reflexology treatments which helped reduce my glucose levels. After a few months, being a Reiki Master myself, I began to incorporate Reiki, meditation and visualizations into my health regime. As a result, my glucose levels are now within normal range. My last HAC1 was 5.1 and my fasting glucose 98. Also all of my lipid and liver function tests are normal now. I am still doing my diet plan and taking my supplements and am now taking only 1 medication for glucose regulation and will possibly reducing that as well in the near future.

I cannot stress the importance of having a diverse team of well informed, open-minded professionals and holistic approach to dealing with illnesses. We are not only what we eat and products of our genetics tempered by our environment, but we are multidimensional beings affected by the vibrations inside us and surrounding us.

Again a deep and heartfelt thank you!

Nomiki Dounis