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An international success for Greek Center of Education & Treatment of Eating Disorders – CETED/KEADD

The Center for Education and Treatment of eating disorders, presents at the 13 European conference in nutrition, in Dublin, Ireland at 13-19 November 2019, the first research in eating disorders with data from all over Greece.

In cooperation with the European university of Cyprus, this research covered both urban and rural areas of Greece. Data from “Questionnaire Eat26” were collected by nutritionists in nine geographical parts of Greece covering the country from north to south, east to west, as well as the central parts. The total sample was 625 persons, or which 80.80% were women and 19.20% women. The results were analyzed using the statistical program SPSS 20 with 5% margin of error.

The research revealed that 1 in 4 of the participants suffers from some kind of eating disorder and a percentage over half of the sample (68.8%) is negatively affected by the number shown on his or her weighing scale. The research also showed that 1 in 4 of the clients that visit a nutritionist s office requesting a diet (24,96%) suffers from some kind of eating disorder. 64.32% of the sample does not know if they experienced an eating disorder in the past. 43.36% has tried a diet at least three times in the past, and 37.12% has regained more than three times in the past over 9 kg. 68.8% states that his or her mood is affected by the number shown on the weighing scale, and 25.20% weighs themselves 2 to 4 times per week. In addition, 50% states that they believe that he or she is overweight, even if no one else around them agrees with their perception. 33.44% has experienced a binging episode in the past few months at least once (p-value<0.01).

The research was done by nutritionist Vasilios Katsilas, who holds the master practitioner in eating disorders diploma and Professor Panagiotis Petrou from the European university of Cyprus, and will be presented, by Vasilis Katsilas, as well as Evangelos Zoumbaneas at the European conference in nutrition in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday 16 October 16, 2019.

The Greek Center of Education & Treatment of Eating Disorders – CETED/KEADD is affiliated with the National Centre for Eating Disorders in the UK – NCFED for the professionals trainings Master Practitioner on Eating Disorders & Obesity

KEADD ( was founded in 2007 and is a Greek acronym which stands for Centre for Education and Treatment for Eating Disorders. It is an educational centre and a network of health professionals in Greece.