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Greek Center for Education & Treatment of Eating Disorders

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Keadd in Bright Side of Exercise Conference at Pula Croatia

We are happy to announce that Keadd, the Greek Center of Education & Treatment of Eating Disorders participated the "Bright Side" of Exercise Conference that was held in Pula Croatia in 24th of September.

Keadd's founder and General Director,  Dr. Evangelos Zoumbaneas accompanied by the center's Scientific Director Dr. Margarita Schina & Theodoros Simadis, held their presentations in the following subjects than you can watch below:

Dr Margarita Schina, "Eating Disorders Treatment, A Networks Approach"

Theodore Simadis "Entering the daily routine of an eating disordered person"

Evangelos Zoumbaneas "Nutritional Interventions in Eating Disorders"