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Thin...Positive:Secrets to control hunger and appetite+Free Diet Coaching Application

 The Greek way diet for happiness and good mood.The acclaimed dietician and author Evangelos Zoumbaneas in his new book, presents everything he has collected through decades of experience.


 In the pages of the book:

  • He highlights the need for intake of foods with high nutritional value, reveals which they are and how one can build a healthy diet.
  • He gives the properties of each category of food in the most practical manner and explains why it is necessary to consume them and not only because they are prescribed by physicians, nutritionists or some pundit.
  • He provides the public and nutritionists with a useful tool. The latter will receive the experience of decades and of thousands of cases as a distillate of the collected data which actually work and get results.
  • He trains us in the use of food, through the understanding of dietary choices and enables us to do so in an easy and simple way.
  • And finally, he answers the basic question: ''What should I eat to be healthy and thin?''

Because Health itself, contains the properties of the concept of normal weight. The approach covers the major part of the population and will help many people to make a huge leap in a quality life, with the application of the latest scientific developments in the areas of health and nutrition It's a study that contributes significantly to the Greek and international bibliography of the dietary field.

 Diet Coaching Application by Evangelos Zoumbaneas


 A "smart application" that animates the proposals for nutritional care from the book "Thin ... positive" of the famous dietician-nutritionist Evangelos Zoumbaneas and applies through culinary proposals and recipe.

The ideas, combinations and proposals, based on the Mediterranean diet, give taste and color to everyday life through an imaginative application. Each user now has in his hand his personal dietitian at anytime. According to his appetites, he may choose any food and make a healthy meal or snack, ensuring good nutrition and positive mood, resulting in good health and a healthy body weight.

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 What people say about “Thin… Positive”

The book “Thin Positive” is for me the practical application of the theory for balanced eating. Written with care and true interest for the reader, it showed me the way to combine foods and easily calculate the amounts. I finally understood how to nourish myself appropriately through the process of creating the dietary plan of my choice. It is very descriptive with an easy to read and understand way that makes it absolutely practical.

Evangelos Zoumbaneas shares his knowledge and the “secrets” of balanced eating, as well as small, easy tricks to think and act in a way to enhance our health. Written with a touch of humor, this book is a pleasure to read! The writer’s optimism and belief that we can all manage to stay healthy with a healthy weight passes on to the reader, not just as a message, but as knowledge, as well, since he shows us the way!

Congratulations for your book, Mr Zoumbaneas, and thank you!

Natalie Foundoukaki


I have to admit that it did not take me more than a couple of hours to read the whole book, a time whose passage I did not notice, filled with thoughts and emotions. The word “magic” is truly a word that can describe this book, just like the other books written by Mr Zoumbaneas. You cannot possibly leave them on the shelf; these are books that “live” with you, you consult them daily, and discover in them something new, something that makes you wonder how come you never noticed before.

Reaching the final page, I felt a sweet melancholy… And this is because as long as the reading takes place, you feel so full: full of care, full of enthusiasm, full of gratefulness, full of inspiration, full of knowledge, and  full of strength, as well, to start all over, something that seemed almost impossible before. If I could select just a few words to summarize this book, I wouldn’t have to use anything better than the title itself, including the second part of it “Secrets in Controlling Hunger…”. These “secrets” Mr Zoumbaneas shares with us with care and accumulated, decade-long learning, written with respect and understanding.  In this book, the reader will discover a great truth given in a simple manner: food is not, and should not be treated as an “enemy”. Food gives us pleasure and is a daily gift from us to ourselves. What needs to happen is to empty your head from all those voices that haunt you and find the time to enjoy it.  And this final part, Mr Zoumbaneas manages to pass on in the most positive way. As you begin to apply all those little “secrets”, you slowly approach an even bigger and more important discovery: the way you start enjoying your food, this moment when you breathe deeply, close your eyes and start to turn your small or bigger meal into a moment of self-care, at this very moment you have learned to enjoy, in that same manner, every moment of your life.

Andrian Hydraiou

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