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Dimitrios Voudouris

Dimitrios Voudouris was born and raised in the city of Athens, the capital of Greece.

In 1991, he enrolled in the Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science and he graduated in 1996, as a Physical Education Teacher and a Special Physical Education Expert.

Some years later, he became a student once again. He enrolled in the Attico College in the 2 years lasting curriculum of Cambridge Regional College and graduated two years later with an HND diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition.

He is an Eating Disorders & Obesity Expert as long as in 2014 he completed the Master Practitioner's Programme in Eating Disorders & Obesity, which is run by the Centre for Education and Treatment of Eating Disorders under the auspices of the National Centre for Eating Disorders in Great Britain (NCFED).

He also attended training sessions to the Kapodistrian University of Athens (Clinical Nutrition) and the European Institute of Nutritional medicine (Metabolomic healing).

He is a Fitness expert and Personal trainer since 1994. From 2005 until 2016, he was a co-owner of a luxury training centre and at the same time he had the opportunity to teach sports science and training to educational institutions in Athens (Attico College, Mediterranean College). He is an article writer for and also the co-owner of a website which is specialised in child nutrition with the distinctive title “Fae paidi mou”. Since 2015, he is a trainer at the Centre for Education and Treatment of Nutritional Disorders (KEADD) and in October of 2017, he became a teacher at AF Studies institute (Personal Weight Trainer Diploma). He also maintains his own studio, where he organizes personal (one to one) training & wellness programmes.